Tested during Trans Am

Our kit was used during Trans Am Bike Race 2018

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Why wear cycling caps

Probably most of you have asked themselves the question, why do we wear a cycling cap under the helmet? Before the helmets era, the cap was the more obvious choice – it protected the cyclists head from the sun, rain, or wind. Cycling cap yes or not Currently, when all of us wear helmets, why […]

1000 km ultra marathon –> how we test our clothes

On Saturday, September 12, we competed in Poland’s North-South Marathon. We travelled from Hel to Zakopane, i.e. from the very north of the country to the very south. We covered over 1000 km in 71 hours. Ania was making her debut in ultra-distance cycling, while for Marcin it meant a return to ultra-distance after a […]

Duck Caps

“The only constant in life is change” – that’s quite a philosophical start, isn’t it? But who can argue? Not us. Geometric elements such as triangles, circles, and squares, have always been hallmarks of most of our products. We like those designs, but we have decided it is worth exploring new directions and new possibilities. […]