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Riding with you buddies? Wanna have our apparel for all of you? We have a special offer for you!

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Wrote about us.

Jerseys are made of three different materials. In front, with increased wind proofing, breathable on sides and fast-drying back. (…) In 2017 AM Cycling is going to create full range of cycling apparel. We are looking forward to see it.

B2B Opportunity

Running a bike shop? Wanna be our Value Added Reseller? Need personalized clothes? We’re open to all kinds of partnership.
We sell worldwide. Contact us for more details:

Cycling Apparel - B2B Opportunity

About us

AM Cycling was founded in spring 2016 by married cyclists – Anna & Marcin. As cyclists, we specialize in long–distance routes. We hope that the long journey of running an online shop with stylish cycling apparel will be our longest. We created AM Cycling because we love riding bikes and we thought that when wearing stylish cycling clothes every road is much easier, more fun and more special.
We pay particular attention to materials and quality of production, but we know that cycling apparel must be fashionable. We've created a host of stylish jerseys, comfortable, endurance bib shorts and cycling caps and socks. AM Cycling apparel meets the highest performance standards, because you desire the comfort of riding in eye-catching clothes.
For us the most important thing is the unique design of our cycling clothes and our original combinations of colors.

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How we test our products and why it’s so fun

We could carry out lots of lab tests to create the best cycling apparel that would meet your requirements. But it would be very boring. So we decided to do what we love – go for epic rides. On one such trip I rode 350 km. I spent a few hours cycling in the hot […]

Our new cycling jerseys are avaliable now!

We’re proud to announce that our new line of cycling jerseys is available to preorder. They boast a completely new level of quality for our products. Aero cut, full zipper, top level fabrics and a waterproof pocket make them one of the best cycling jerseys in the world. What about the design? It’s inspired by […]

Kaleidoscope Cycling Jersey - Cycling Apparel

Meet our cycling jerseys

For Marcin and me as riders, a few things are very important when we cycling. A good tour, beautiful views, great company, decent speed, but also the style in which we conquer  routes. For an amateur cyclist maybe it isn’t that important to have a very slim body, but she/he should have a super machine and […]

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