Tested during Trans Am

Our kit was used during Trans Am Bike Race 2018

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Duck Caps

“The only constant in life is change” – that’s quite a philosophical start, isn’t it? But who can argue? Not us. Geometric elements such as triangles, circles, and squares, have always been hallmarks of most of our products. We like those designs, but we have decided it is worth exploring new directions and new possibilities. […]

Customise your order

What is one of the key advantages of a small brand like ours? Well, we are flexible and we can respond faster to our customers’ requests. Our store stocks specific products that you can buy immediately. But on the other hand, we can also sew for individual customers something else from our range that interests […]

Choosing the size of cap and jersey

When buying clothes online, one of the key issues is choosing the right size. It is difficult because, despite the frequent use of standard terms such as S, M or L, different parameters may lurk behind these sizes. With one brand you have no problem slipping on an S, but with others you need an […]