Tested during Trans Am

Our kit was used during Trans Am Bike Race 2018

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What have we been up to?

It may seem as if nothing is happening with us, but behind the scenes we are beavering away (for more on that check out our Instagram page in the Stories section). We already have all the pieces of the puzzle and are just waiting for the jerseys to be sewn. We are also working on […]

New collection is coming

There is a saying that “done is better than perfect”. Probably everyone knows it. But do you want to buy products tha have only been “done”? Well, neither do we. That’s why we are moving the autumn  premiere of our collection early 2019. The last year has been very intense for us and for the […]

Chapeau bas Bolek

Most of us have done some century rides. Some of us completed 200 km+ 300km+ jouneys. But Bolek did an incredible thing. He cycled across the US. It took 28 days to travel 6800 km on his bike. Without external support, over mountains, across windy plains, the cold north and hot prairies, in a foreign country. […]