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AM Cycling was founded in spring 2016 by married cyclists – Anna & Marcin. As cyclists, we specialize in long–distance routes. We hope that the long journey of running an online shop with stylish cycling apparel will be our longest. We created AM Cycling because we love riding bikes and we thought that when wearing stylish cycling clothes every road is much easier, more fun and more special.
We pay particular attention to materials and quality of production, but we know that cycling apparel must be fashionable. We’ve created a host of stylish jerseys, comfortable, endurance bib shorts and cycling caps and socks. AM Cycling apparel meets the highest performance standards, because you desire the comfort of riding in eye-catching clothes.
For us the most important thing is the unique design of our cycling clothes and our original combinations of colors.


Ultracyclist, finisher of two most dificult marathons in Poland: Bałtyk-Bieszczady Tour and Maraton Rowerowy Dookoła Polski. In privat life married to Anna and father of one-year girl. Also durability engineer and designer of a cargobike.

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Marcin’s wife and happy mum of one-year-old girl. Fan of long distances, although the longest are ahead her. In daily work she helps others working in ngo.

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Nowadays cycling is becoming much popular. In every big city there are organized informal cycling rides almost each day. Hundreds of people are joining colorful pelotons. Some of them want to be faster and stronger, some ride to meet friends and enjoy outdoor activity with them. But all cyclist as a comunity creates subculture. They want to look fashionable during rides. They want to feel comfortable, covered in soft breathable fabricks. And here we come with out offer. We’re not only focused on quality of clothing, our mission is to deliver modern and full of colors designs.

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