Choosing the size of cap and jersey

When buying clothes online, one of the key issues is choosing the right size. It is difficult because, despite the frequent use of standard terms such as S, M or L, different parameters may lurk behind these sizes. With one brand you have no problem slipping on an S, but with others you need an M, even though your body has not changed, and there are basically no real differences between the products in the selected sizes. So, you may ask, what is it like with us? Well, we make it easy for you to choose the right size with our products.

One of the most important moments when putting together your own cycling clothes is sewing the full range of sizes and measuring them (in our case jerseys) on different people. When it came to men, there were tall and slim men, then there were some who were a little shorter but with a wider chest, and then others of medium height. For women it was similar; size L was tried out on tall women but also on shorter ladies. It was similar with size S.

The cut of our jerseys

We decided that our jerseys would have a cut conducive to spending long periods on a bike, thus they are endurance jerseys – not the type you wear when racing short but high intensity routes. Our cut is fitted, but it is not an aero suit. We also opted for an average length for the jersey; we did not want to go for extremely short or long cuts. To make the jersey fit well both during long stints and short sprints on the drops, the front of the jersey is shorter than the back. We tried to get as close to universal sizes as possible.

We have decided to give 2 parameters in our table:
1. The width of the shirt in the chest
2. The length of the zip

The width of the shirt in the chest

Having laid the jersey flat, we measure the width at the armpits and multiply by two. Our fabric is elastic, which means that your body does not need to be exactly the same as the given width. A man with a wider chest will fit in a given size, while for women you also need to consider her bust. This means that if you choose a jersey size smaller than our measurements would suggest, you will get a better fit and better aerodynamics.

For a woman who is 160cm tall, 82cm in the chest, and 67cm in the waist (the narrowest part of the torso), both XS (tight fit) and S (slightly looser) will fit. Here the rule from the previous paragraph applies: if you want to be very streamlined, go for one size smaller.

The length of the zip

The second parameter is the length of the zip – measured without the stand-up collar. There is practically no stand-up collar at the front of our shirts.
A woman measuring 160cm tall, with a chest circumference of 82cm and a waist of 67cm, fits into both an XS and an S. In both cases the shirt will reach below the navel, but the XS will look more like it is for racing.


Here it’s very easy – one-size fits all. All adult heads, that is. The elastic at the back lets it adapt to different head sizes. In addition, we sew hats from thin and flexible materials so that the depth of the hat adapts to your needs.

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