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Cycling caps – why do we need them?

Why do we need cycling caps? You’ll no doubt say: “He has a helmet!” Perhaps a cycling helmet will protect his head from the sun, but it will do nothing to shield it from the rain or cold. Moreover, a helmet is sometimes not a good choice when it is sunny, because the “holes” in the helmet, which cool head, also let the sun through. For example, any follicly-challenged male cyclist could end up with a slightly weird tan.

Nowadays cycling caps are colorful, with funny phrases, the perfect addition to your cycling outfit. Their primary function was to protect the rider’s head, because that is the basic function of a cap. Once there was a beautiful tradition of wearing hats. Everyone wore them. So when cycling became popular, riders – to protect their heads from the sun, rain, and cold – wore caps customized to their needs. Now the role played by cycling caps has been taken over by the helmet, but the cap still is important for the rider.

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Cycling cap (worn under the helmet!) is useful because:

  • when the heat outside becomes unbearable, you can douse your cap with cold water and find relief during training / a roadtrip;
  • On colder days, it can warm a rider’s head;
  • When you visit a store in order to buy something to eat and take off your helmet, you still look good and don’t shock the shopowner and other customers with a strange haircut!
  • A cycling cap could prove a great headcovering in more “civilian” situations, when you leave your bike at home, but still need suitable headwear.

A good cycling cap should:

  • Have a peak which properly sticks out when the cap is worn under a helmet;
  • Have a peak on the inside which is colorful (that is our opinion!);
  • Not be too tight, but also not too loose;
  • Be made of good material, which guarantees that you don’t sweat when it is hot;
  • Be fun to look at when you remove your helmet!

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