Duck Cycling Caps

“The only constant in life is change” – that’s quite a philosophical start, isn’t it? But who can argue? Not us. Geometric elements such as triangles, circles, and squares, have always been hallmarks of most of our products. We like those designs, but we have decided it is worth exploring new directions and new possibilities.

Back in 2019 I met graphic designer Marta, from “życie-na-kreskę”. We were working at the time on new designs for 2020. We had plans and assumptions for 2020. We had decided to stick to geometric patterns and start collaborating with Marta in early spring. But it’s obvious what happened. We pushed the new designs back till later.

And that “later” is now upon us. We have decided to try a new direction for our brand. Of course, the colours that have featured on our products from the beginning will stay. I exchanged emails with Marta, we met up, we talked over ideas, our vision, her vision, and we got down to work. Well… mainly it was Marta who started doing the creative work. At that stage, we would check whether Marta’s ideas could be transferred to fabric. And so in June we had the visuals ready and we could sew the first few caps together.

The plan was simple in principle but difficult in practice. The design had to be awesome. It was not only about the colours, but also about the cartoony lines, and the story. Marta created the main hero of the whole thing – a duck. And he is a huge fan of coffee rides. Sometimes, however, our drake can switch to a higher gear, grit his teeth and fight to be King of the Mountains. And if it’s teeth we’re talking about, you’ll find a bunch of flies splatted on his.

You can buy our new caps on presale, over 30% cheaper, until 6th July. Then they will go on regular sale and the price will increase!