Gift ideas for cyclists

We believe that gifts should be personal, chosen with a particular recipient in mind. And when the person you want to give something to is a cyclist, it’s a great idea to find a gift related to his / her interests.

A bicycle is always a good idea. 😊 But that definitely requires a bit more specialist knowledge and money.
There are a variety of good gift ideas for a cyclist, but you should perhaps think about getting them a nice jersey or some colourful accessories for their outfit. For example, their favourite colour cap together with some cool socks.
To help, we have prepared a gift guide for you – several ready-made sets in several price brackets. And these are gifts for both guys and gals!

Cycling socks
Socks are always a good, safe bet, and you can never have enough of them. Especially since some of them disappear for all eternity into the bowels of your washing machine. We suggest getting colourful, long, ankle-length ones that keep the Achilles tendon warm. The perfect gift for Xmas.

Cycling caps
Or perhaps you’d like to go for something else just as small, like a light, peaked cap? They’re perfect for hot weather, but also for spring or warm autumn days. Colour rules here too. You could choose a colour to match that of their helmet, jersey, or sweatshirt, or would it perhaps be better to match their socks? There are a few options and everyone can create their own, unique set. It is a bit easier with hats because they are one-size-fits-all. Whatever you choose will be good for a small or large head, so there’s no trouble finding something that’s right.

Prior to 2020, I would have said that these were a necessary part of a cyclist’s outfit on cold days. A neckwarmer can cover either your neck or head. But now, in addition, thanks to a neckwarmer you can, to some extent, protect yourself and others from various viruses, especially a certain famous one. Our neckwarmers naturally come in your favourite designs.

Jerseys for women and men
Or maybe you’d like to consider something that rocks good fabric and a cool pattern for Christmas? After all, why not look stylish playing Zwift or get ready for the opening of the 2021 season? You can add some socks or a cap to complete the look.

We suggest combining a few products into a set.

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