Men’s Ultra Cargo Autumn – Winter Tights


Obwód uda [cm] 50 52 54 56 58 60
Biodra [cm] 80 84 88 92 96 100
Waga [kg] 65 70 75 80 85 90

Obwód uda jest kluczowym parametrem przy doborze spodni i spodenek. W razie problemów doborem rozmiaru przypominamy, że wymiana (jak i zwrot) towaru bez podawania przyczyny jest możliwa w ciągu 100 dni i nic nie kosztuje.


Tights are made of wind and waterproof membrane (in the front) and breathable and warm Thermo Roubaix fabric (on the back). There designed for autumn rains and winter freeze.

Weather condition

They are designed for autumn and winter rides (-10C - + 10C)

How it works?

Front is made of membrane fabric, that isolates you from wind and water, back is made of elastic Thermo Roubaix fabric that drains moisture


Tights have fitted cut. There is no sewing on the inner thigh side, where the skin is delicate


There are pockets on legs for your belongings

Premium Endurance Pad by Elastic Interface

Our bib shorts are designed for long-distance and ultra-cycling. They are equipped with the highest version of endurance padding created by Elastic Interface. The shock absorption system ensures even weight distribution of your body, making you feel more comfortable.


High density and thickness
The pad has ventilation holes and up to 14 mm thickness and density up to 200 kg/m3. It means that the pressure is smaller because it’s distributed in a bigger area. There is also a central channel improving blood flow and reducing pressure and numbness.


Super soft and quick-drying fabric
The fabric used for the padding is pleasant to the touch, soft, and quick-drying. The shape of the padding is designed to work in harmony with men’s anatomy.

The pad has ventilation holes and up to 14 mm thickness and density up to 200 kg/m3.

Ultra: over 7 hours

Size: 355 x 210 mm

Hybrid Cell System


Pockets in cycling bibs? Why not? Did it happen to you that you were not able to fit all of your belonging into jersey pockets?

Now you can have all our staff accessible during a ride. There are pockets on legs for light things you need to use often and on your back for heavier things.

You need to know that pockets are secured by an additional part of the fabric that prevents your belongings from losing.

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Super wygodna i oddychająca czapka.


You have 100 days to return or change the product.

Sure! It’s your right to change/return the  product. You have 100 days for it.

Only you should do it to send us an email to We’ll send you return label.

Our showroom is located in Góra Kalwaria

But remember you can always return products if they not meet  your requirements or you can easily change the size.

Local and responsible production

The sewing is in a small local sewing factory near Warsaw.


We use fabrics produced by top Italian and Spanish factories.

Free changes and returns

Problem with the size? You have 100 days for the free return.

Fast shipment

We ship orders in max 24 hours.

Designed by cycling experienced ultra cyclists

We have over 10 years experience in ultra cycling. We know what is clothes you need.

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Odzież na każde warunki


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Ciepła i oddychająca odzież na temperatury kilka - kilkanaście stopni Celsjusza


Ciepła odzież membranowa na zimno i mróz


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