Men's Red Jacket

Our red jacket is made of 2 Italian fabrics. It has fitted cut, high collar and 5 pockets.

It’s designed for autumn and light froze conditions.


380.00 450.00 


Thigh [cm]505254565860
Hips [cm]84889296100106
Weight [kg]657075808590


The jacket is made of 2 different fabrics. On the front and sleeves, we used a zero-wind fabric. On the back, there’s an elastic, thermal, breathing fabric that helps with ventilation. It’s also warm and soft in touch, thanks to a microfiber inner finish.
For what conditions is the jacket designed?

  • Worn on the base layer, it’s for 4-8 *C (depending on wind and your preferences)
  • If you wear it as a third layer you can in light froze


The long sleeve has a fitted cut. Sleeves are long, so you can hide them under the gloves.
The collar is high, there are 5 pockets on the back (including one with a zipper).