The North-South Marathon: testing a jersey and shorts over 1000 km

The North-South marathon route currently stretches over 1,000 km and rises almost 10,000 m. This meant that we had an ideal route to again test out our clothes in highly variable conditions.

Ultra cargo shorts

The N-S marathon was not our first time competing in our cargo shorts. Basically, we can report that we have confirmed what we already knew. The shorts handle long distances fantastically, and the thigh pockets are great for storing various things. You can stuff them with food you will want to eat in a moment, carry a phone (it works perfectly for me), or simply shove in a used gel or snack bar wrapper and then chuck it in the nearest rubbish bin.

The shorts once again proved their worth in the rain (they dried quickly) and in cooler temperatures – during much colder night rides and a very cold last night in the mountains.

The women’s version features removable shoulder straps at the back which are great when you need to go to the toilet in the bushes; you do not need to remove your top. Not only do you not freeze, but you also save a significant amount of time.

Bibs are available here: women’s and men’s

Spring-autumn long sleeve

Our new long sleeve jersey was also put through the wringer under a variety of different conditions. Of course at night I used a thermo-active base layer too, but, in combination with a windbreaker / rain jacket, the jersey sufficed in the September night-time temperatures, even in the mountains. It was close to 5 celsius at times.

The jersey is made of elastic material in all places, thanks to which it adapts to your figure without disrupting the aerodynamics.

The material on the inside is finished with soft, pleasant to the touch microfibre.

You can order long sleeves here: women’s and men’s


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