Why wear cycling caps

Probably most of you have asked themselves the question, why do we wear a cycling cap under the helmet? Before the helmets era, the cap was the more obvious choice – it protected the cyclists head from the sun, rain, or wind.

Cycling cap yes or not
Currently, when all of us wear helmets, why should we wear a cap? The cycling cap is not only an aesthetic addition to the cycling style, nevertheless a significant element of the cycling outfit. Caps still protect the head from various weather conditions. Don’t forget about the insects with which a cyclist happens to meet on the road. Sometimes such an insect can fall into the holes in the helmet, and the cap can protect against unwanted bites.
Additionally, the cap stops sweat coming from our head to the eyes. Inside the cap, there’s a sweatband, that gathers all unwanted moisture.


Cycling cap with flip up peak
Apart from the sensible use of the cap, there is only a visual aspect. Years ago, cycling caps were just white. It was just a practical application. Now there are all sorts, colorful, comic, one-color or with funny inscriptions on the peak. Because in the cap worn under the helmet, one element that you can see is the peak. Most cyclists wear a raised peak, while the peak lowered down also looks interesting.

Cycling cap for big head
Clothes are sewn according to sizes to best suit different people’s shapes. This isn’t always the case with the cap. It is best to sew a cap that will fit both small and large heads. It should look good on each head. The peak should also fit properly. This can be achieved by sewing in an elastic band. Our caps fit even kids and adults heads. One of our customer have 62cm head diameter and told that: „it’s the first cap that He wears with comfort”.

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