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For Marcin and me as riders, a few things are very important when we cycling. A good tour, beautiful views, great company, decent speed, but also the style in which we conquer  routes. For an amateur cyclist maybe it isn’t that important to have a very slim body, but she/he should have a super machine and should have the appropriate outfit. The latter is an excellent complement for a fast bike. But if the outfit is to be perfect it should have an original design, not cramp movements, and be made of good quality materials to provide comfort in different weather conditions.

Cycling jersey

AM’s cycling jersey meets those requirements beautifully. On the one hand our cycling jersey has all the things which a standard cycling jersey has. It’s tight, with a stand-up collar, with three pockets on the back (in our cycling jersey all three are open), and some models of our cycling jersey come with a  ¾ zip and others with a full one. On the other hand, it is unique in many ways


Our cycling jerseys are produced in limited series,  because we focus on their uniqueness, to stand out in a crowd of gray and often uninterestingly designed cycling jerseys. After all, the point isn’t to make it look as if  you got lost during the Tour de France. We believe in strong colors and brave combinations. Because life is too short to ride in boring cycling kits[why the quotes? They seem unnecessary unless we know who said it.

Cycling jersey

So what materials are used? Well, our cycling jersey is made up of three different materials. That way, the rider will feel more comfortable on their bike in our cycling jersey. At the front the material protects the chest to make sure the lungs do not get too cold, and the rider doesn’t lose steam. Thanks to the breathable side panels, the rider always feels comfortable regardless of weather conditions. On the back of the jersey there’s material that adheres to the body. This gives you the feeling of a second skin by draining away moisture in a very efficient way.

Produced in Europe
Our cycling jerseys are designed and sewn in Poland. As a result, we have guaranteed quality and ensure that the materials that our clothing is made from are of the highest standard! The jerseys have been tested during gruelling endurance rides. When you feel comfortable in your apparel after 24 hours of riding, you’re sure that the product meets the highest requirements.

Cycling jersey

Aerodynamic shape

I’m sure that you don’t want to waste you energy. Our jerseys fits your body to limit aerodynamic resistance. Additionally, our perfectly shaped jersey makes you look athletic. But don’t think it’s uncomfortable racing clothing. We have found the ideal compromise between efficiency and comfort.

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