#rideAMazing Stories

New collection is coming

There is a saying that “done is better than perfect”. Probably everyone knows it. But do you want to buy products tha have only been “done”? Well, neither do we. That’s why we are moving the autumn  premiere of our collection early 2019. The last year has been very intense for us and for the materials that we have tested. We have stretched them and, washed them at high temperatures. We’ve done things that are not allowed, so we can be sure that our fabrics will last the longest. We have checked the breathability, flexibility, and how fast they absorb sweat, so we can choose the best materials.

Our next step was to create prototypes of our jerseys. We sewed new jersey after new jersey. The clothing designers, with whom we worked are sick of the sight of us. We don’t blame them.

But we are nearing the finishing line. We’re writing this text at the end of November. We have recently acheived the impossible by packing all the bolts of fabric into the car (up to the ceiling) and we went to the sewing workshop. So now everything is in the hands of the seamstresses. When you read this, they will be weaving their magic over the clothing, pressing the pedals of the machines, like Froome at Alpe d’Huez.


And all of this so that you can jump on a bike and forget about everything and chase the sun or race away from the peloton. But it’s not that everything is late. We’ve got some awesome cycling socks waiting for you in our store. They are breathable and soft in all the places where the shoe presses on the foot.

You can also buy bib shorts from our Endurance series and beat your daily distance records. In them, every saddle will feel like a royal throne.

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