#rideAMazing Stories

New cycling socks

We have introduced our new AM Cycling socks – perfect for hot days: Dark Blue and White Triangle. Our new socks feature light and breathable materials to improve riding comfort on hot days. Feet don’t overheat and sweat is quickly wicked away.

Light, breathable, comfortable

AM Cycling’s socks are made from polypropylene, a synthetic fabric. This fabric is quite often used in production sports socks. Is it better than cotton socks? Well, our socks are soft, you don’t feel that the fabric is artificial and thanks to the capillaries moisture is drained away while training. Thanks to the wide sock puller, they cling to the leg properly, and do not slip while out for a ride.

Top and down

At the top of the socks we use a light weave – mesh that makes the socks even more airy. We focus on ride comfort so we have left a thicker strip of material where your shoes are fastened, which protects the foot from being overly pressed.


So our new cycling socks are very different. What do they have in common? The intensity of the colours. White cycling socks with small colourful triangles are the best cycling apparel and Dark Blue socks with a sock puller similar to a colourful sunset look great when seen from afar. They probably will stand out from the grey road very well.

Our Dark Blue socks and White Triangle socks are designed and produced in Poland.