New designs, colours and ideas

After two years of consulting, designing and… various changes in our tailoring workshops, we can see the results: improved jersey cuts, revamped caps, new designs, colours and cuts. Along the way, we stopped by at the largest cycling trade fair in Europe – Eurobike. Thanks to what we saw there, we decided to test out several new materials in our jersey prototypes. We are currently finalising work on the basic products that make up our range.

Why so long?
We started working on the jersey two years ago. We chose the materials first. We then sat down with the manufacturers of the materials, and also visited the largest bicycle trade fair in Europe – Eurobike. We decided to test out several materials in our jersey prototypes. We started developing the design of our jersey, i.e. we decided what elements the jersey should be made of (e.g. the arrangement of the sleeves), and where certain types of material should be. We also decided on the length of the jersey and the look of the pocket.
We needed some help from professionals. We chose the designer with whom we currently work. We quickly sewed the initial prototypes, which we then adjusted, restitched and tested. At the beginning of 2019 everything was ready. Or at least that’s what we thought.

In the meantime, we chose a printing house that prints graphic designs on fabric. It was of the utmost importance that the patterns’ colours came out just like in our designs. After adjusting the cut, we had to sew jerseys in all the intended sizes, in order to check that the measurements were correct. We combined two steps by testing the full range of sizes and colours together. Imagine our shock when the shirts turned out to be too small and too short! In August 2019, we returned humbly to the designer and checked the individual sizes of the jerseys. We also made a key decision. We stopped working with the sewing workshop and started sewing in… a small tailoring workshop.

There in that workshop we had the opportunity to talk about fabrics and test ideas in practice as we went along. We kicked on quickly. We started by sewing caps (and improving their design while we were at it!). They turned out to be perfect.
We returned to the topic of the jerseys… but we were back to square one. We sewed and everything seemed fine and dandy. But some corrections were still in order. In addition, we had some new ideas that we wanted to introduce. It turned out that the thing that required the most work was… the pockets! We wanted the pockets to hold more and keep the various, very important things – that one takes on the road – there safely in place; on the other hand, everything had to look aesthetically pleasing. We sewed and we tested. And then we sewed again.

So where do things stand right now? Well, we are ready. We have started sewing the whole range, and in mid-march the jerseys and caps will be in our store.