Our 2020 collection is out now!

They’re here! The jerseys and caps for our new collection have just arrived from the workshop. As we think about our collection this year, we are reminded of a cute British wedding custom. Because for this year’s collection we have prepared something old, something new, and something blue.

You can read more about what we got up to in 2019 here. You will find out what the process was like when we were working on our products, i.e. where our materials and accessories came from, whether we really designed our jerseys and caps ourselves, and how much time it actually took.

Something old and something old

This is the cut that we showed back in autumn 2019, but with slightly different pockets, and here are some jerseys and cap designs: Kaleidoscope Black and Parrot Blue.

Something completely new

But we also have some quite cool new visual designs for our jerseys and caps. The new men’s jersey is deep black. It is boast an intense black because the jersey is sewn with black material dyed by the manufacturer. There is also a red cap. And the blue something? Well there is, on the one hand, something we had last season, the Parrot Blue jersey, and also a new one: our Crazy Dots jersey.

We are still hard at work on our shorts. We are testing them, all the time! We will let you know soon when they appear in our store.