Forest Cap

16 $

The Forest cap is made with soft material imported straight from sunny Spain. The cut and the material make the cap fit the head perfectly to ensure optimal ride comfort while cycling.

The cap’s pattern was designed by illustrator designer Renata Krawczyk (Rena Illustration).

The cap is available in preorder at reduced proce till 19th July. Ordered caps will be shipped on 8th August.


Order completion time: 4 weeks


The cap has been created using fabric made with the aid of DRY-CLIM technology, which means the material dries quickly, does not stick to you and drains sweat efficiently from the body.


Design and Cut

The cap has a classic (three-panel) cut, and it is flexible.

Designed for those who want to stand out while looking good.

The cap’s pattern was designed by illustrator artist Renata Krawczyk (Rena Illustration).

Tested during Trans Am

Our kit was used during Trans Am Bike Race 2018

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