Men’s Kaleidoscope Jersey

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A men’s jersey designed for demanding cyclists. It’s made of high-quality, breathable materials to keep you comfortable even in extreme weather conditions. It is shaped to fit the body perfectly, reducing aerodynamic resistance.

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Cycling Apparel

Three-Area Design

Our jerseys have three areas made of different materials to improve breathing and keep you comfortable. In front there is breathable material with increased windproofing. This makes you more energy efficient, by keeping your lungs warm. At the sides we use highly-breathable material, making you feeling comfortable even in extreme weather conditions. On the back of your jersey the material adheres to the body. It gives you the feeling of a second skin by wicking moisture away very efficiently.

Aerodynamic Shape

Be faster than others! The unique aerodynamic shape of the jersey saves your energy. On the other hand our jerseys are not only racing clothes. Our goal is to find a balance between aerodynamics, comfort and design. The shape of the jersey also flatters, making you look even more athletic.

Kaleidoscope Jersey - Cycling Apparel

Tested during Trans Am

Our kit was used during Trans Am Bike Race 2018

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