1100 km in 58 hours

The plan was simple – cycle through all the Polish mountains in less than 3 days. The reason was one of the longest non-stop ultramarathons in Poland – the MRDP. On the one hand, 3 days is lots of time for 1100 km, but on the other hand, it’s 13000 meters of elevtion. That’s gonna […]

How we test our products and why it’s so fun

We could carry out lots of lab tests to create the best cycling apparel that would meet your requirements. But it would be very boring. So we decided to do what we love – go for epic rides. On one such trip I rode 350 km. I spent a few hours cycling in the hot […]

Our new cycling jerseys are avaliable now!

We’re proud to announce that our new line of cycling jerseys is available to preorder. They boast a completely new level of quality for our products. Aero cut, full zipper, top level fabrics and a waterproof pocket make them one of the best cycling jerseys in the world. What about the design? It’s inspired by […]

Kaleidoscope Cycling Jersey - Cycling Apparel

Meet our cycling jerseys

For Marcin and me as riders, a few things are very important when we cycling. A good tour, beautiful views, great company, decent speed, but also the style in which we conquer  routes. For an amateur cyclist maybe it isn’t that important to have a very slim body, but she/he should have a super machine and […]

Cycling caps – why do we need them?

Why do we need cycling caps? You’ll no doubt say: “He has a helmet!” Perhaps a cycling helmet will protect his head from the sun, but it will do nothing to shield it from the rain or cold. Moreover, a helmet is sometimes not a good choice when it is sunny, because the “holes” in the […]

Polish Arctic

Are you looking for a great place to rest? To reset your mind? one that’s a great place for CX cycling but also a great place to hike and ski? Enjoy some of our photos from the Polish Arctic – Suwalszczyzna.

Tuscany – Perfect destination for early spring

For those who live in northern Europe, where the weather even in March is a mixture of snow and rain, Tuscany seems to be the perfect place. It’s easy to get there by car, plane or even train from every part of Europe. The best time to visit this region is in April and May. […]

Baltic shore

There’re no mountains, off-road routes are usually sandy, the sea is cold, but there are perfect sunrises and sunsets, you can rest on a sandy beach and cycle through the countryside. This is a great place to slow down, forget about the crowd and hustle and bustle that most of us have got used to. Introducing […]

New York

New York – Fixies are everywhere

What’s your first association when you think of New York? Times Square? Central Park? Brooklyn Bridge or “Friends”? Well, what comes to my mind is fixed gear bikes. Lots of fixies. It does not matter if it’s morning rush hour on 7th Avenue or it’s late evening in Central Park. Bike messengers are working all […]

Bieszczady Mountains

Autumn, golden leaves and fog in mountain valleys? Can you expect better conditions for off-season cycling? Wait! Where is that? It’s in the Bieszczady Mountains –  in the south-east of Poland – one of the most unique places in Europe. Here the treeless summits (polonyna), surrounded by forests, are practically untouched by man. This is the region that […]