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Tuscany – Perfect destination for early spring

For those who live in northern Europe, where the weather even in March is a mixture of snow and rain, Tuscany seems to be the perfect place. It’s easy to get there by car, plane or even train from every part of Europe. The best time to visit this region is in April and May. The weather is perfect for cyclists, the cities aren’t crowded. Fields are full of flowers and… full of insects.

But the best part and a kind of surprise for me are the Italian people. It was 11PM when I left the highway. I was driving along narrow roads through ancient cities and every pizza place, every bar was full of people laughing and having a great time. Nobody thought that the next day was a working day, nobody was tired. There was a huge amount of positive energy in the air.

How are the cycling routes? Italy is not the place for very narrow tires. The local roads are in average condition. And you know what? It does not matter. I’m sure you will enjoy each of your rides. Tuscany is a hilly region but there are no hard descents, so even if you’re a beginner, you will have lots of fun.

Also, after a ride you won’t get bored. There are three obligatory cities to visit: Pisa, Siena and Florence. To see each, one day is not nearly enough. Everywhere there are ancient monuments, but you can read about them in tourist guidebooks. My recommendation for sightseeing is to eat pizza and drink coffee every evening in a different city.

Enjoy the photos.