What have we been up to?

It may seem as if nothing is happening with us, but behind the scenes we are beavering away (for more on that check out our Instagram page in the Stories section). We already have all the pieces of the puzzle and are just waiting for the jerseys to be sewn. We are also working on prototypes of bib shorts, and our range has just expanded to include ankle socks Summer Violet, we also restocked our socks Deep Blue.

Bib shorts
Our first conversations with the designer took place in April, we brought some materials, we showed them something along the lines of a trousers moodboard and… we went to a textile trade show in Munich. From there, we brought back a few nice contacts and ordered some samples of fabric. Finally, we could get down to working on the first prototypes. The beginning of July was incredibly eventful (in our private lives) as well as at AM Cycling, because after almost two and a half months we had finally got our hands on the prototypes. But now what? We have a few more months of work. The men’s trousers needed to be improved, and the women’s – after we had the pad moved (they were far too high, i.e. too little covered the bum) – are being tested.
But we would not be ourselves if we had designed ordinary classic trousers. Staying with an endurance vibe, and even ultra-cycling, we are creating bib shorts with pockets! We will not show all our cards yet, but there will be some room for a few things on the bib shorts legs, and slightly bigger pockets at the back. They’ll easily take an inner tube, a pump, a snack or even a rolled-up jacket.
The bib shorts are scheduled to go on sale at the end of the year. But, as we are perfectionists, that deadline may change.